• Accreditation

  • Registered practitioners are forced to comply with standards which go beyond the requirements set out by Lesotho legislation. Firms complying with this will start using the Law Society's Approved Quality Practice logo on their letterheads and promotional material.

    The society has adopted the IBA Code of Conduct and compliance and observance of this code is encouraged and improved.

    Lawyers throughout the world are specialised professionals who place the interests of their clients above their own, and strive to obtain respect for the Rule of Law. They have to combine a continuous update on legal developments with service to their clients, respect for the courts, and the legitimate aspiration to maintain a reasonable standard of living. Between these elements there is often tension. These principles aim at establishing a generally accepted framework to serve as a basis on which codes of conduct may be established by the appropriate authorities for lawyers in any part of the world. In addition, the purpose of adopting these International Principles is to promote and foster the ideals of the legal profession. These International Principles are not intended to replace or limit a lawyer’s obligation under applicable laws or rules of professional conduct. Nor are they to be used as criteria for imposing liability, sanctions, or disciplinary measures of any kind.